host websites in Pakistan? Why hesitate?

Host websites in Pakistan: Web hosting in Pakistan has its ups and downs both for the users and the web hosting service providers. The recent changes in Broadband connectivity in Pakistan has brought about positive changes which may be in-cashed. The race is cut-throat.

Till the recent upsurge of broadband connectivity in Pakistan, the web hosting industry here was based mainly on reseller hosting on USA and UK based firms / individuals (Pakistani settled abroad) with only a few local

host websites in Pakistan

companies having their own servers (Local hosting companies mean such companies which have their offices in Pakistan, owned by Pakistanis and have their own servers i.e. Are not working as resellers). People hesitate to host websites in Pakistan.
The web hosting industry in Pakistan did not make a quantum progress due to poor IT infrastructure in the country. However, the rapid growth of broadband internet during recent years has given a boost to web hosting industry in Pakistan. Higher internet speed means faster browsing, use of audio, video contents and hence the more interest of the user. The back end resources of the local hosting companies in Pakistan are, however, still based in the USA, UK or Germany etc. In most cases, the owners of these companies are settled abroad.

Generally lack of IT Culture

and little knowledge of the people about web hosting business, resulting in slow growth of IT business which in turn means slower growth of web hosting business(or more precisely host websites in Pakistan). There is very little knowledge in the serious business community in Pakistan on how making use of the websites as a source of sales and marketing. Most of the small business use websites just for having it mentioned on their visiting cards or brochures. Much of it has also to do with lack of real time online deal/delivery mechanisms.

At present, the web hosting industry in Pakistan is focused only in few cities i.e. Web Hosting In Karachi, Web Hosting in Lahore, and Web Hosting in Islamabad. High internet fraud rate in Pakistan, no / little understanding of copy right laws and high rates of spamming makes the life of the companies hard. The bulk of internet users in Pakistan is young students who devote time to social networks like Facebook etc. Very few people in Pakistan spend time in creating web based personal profile website. Also, creation and placement of research material on the net is normally not an income generating option.

Pakistani customers tend to be lazy in their payments

. As per culture prevailing in Pakistan, discontinuation of service due to delayed / nonpayment is symbolized as the breach of TRUST by which hosting company. Customers here often demand to create hosting account without payment on the name of TRUST (why don’t you trust me, I am an old customer and will make payments tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes in most cases).

Lack of facilities for real time online transactions

and ebanking makes transactions time consuming as well as costly. The Pakistani web hosting companies have to resort to yearly payments compared with monthly payments generally prevailing in the rest of world. Nonavailability of data centers in Pakistan due to which the web hosting companies have to collocate servers at data centers in Europe and USA.